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Global, go-anywhere strategies using machine learning to seek opportunistic growth within varying risk parameters—allowing investors to choose their desired level of risk.

Decathlon Strategies

Core, 100% equity sector rotation, or as a portion of diversified portfolios that seeks growth and has the ability to provide defense in down markets.

Sector Strategies

A suite of proprietary, quantitative tools and machine learning capabilities that can be employed to develop custom solutions for RIAs and institutional investors.

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BCM strategies have a few things in common:

Seek growth and defense. Designed to provide growth in most market conditions and to get defensive during longer or more severe periods of duress.

Remove emotion from investing. Built on the key principles that emotion causes ill-timed investment decisions, and that the largest risk in the eyes of the investor is losing a lot of money.

Rules-based. Use rules-based, repeatable processes to seek better investor outcomes.

Long-only. Invest solely in long-only ETFs – no margin, no leverage, nothing complicated.

GIPS® Verified. All eligible strategies are GIPS® verified annually by an independent third party.

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