In investing, like mountaineering, you need skilled, experienced hands to guide you to your goals.

Deliver What Investors Expect®

After decades of investing for clients as an investment advisor, and helping clients navigate multiple bear markets, BCM’s portfolio manager gained a deep understanding of what investors want and expect.

BCM was created to provide growth strategies with downside risk management. Therefore, we engineered our systems and rules-based processes to stay invested in growing or sideways markets, and to get defensive in severe corrections or bear markets. While we offer multiple rules-based systems that each manage risk in their own way, they each are seeking to Deliver What Investors Expect®.

Additionally, our team of regional consultants support and consult with advisors to assist in building portfolios that will help their clients achieve their goals.

A Bit of History:

We started in wealth management, tracing our roots back to 1981. After helping clients through the 2007-2009 financial crisis, there was growing demand for strategies that, in addition to providing growth, had the potential to avoid large portfolio losses like those of the previous 10 years.

So, in 2009, BCM was created to deliver growth strategies with defensive capabilities to advisors and institutions, seeking to remove emotion from the investment decision making process and provide a smoother ride. We provide solutions designed to improve investors’ experiences and outcomes. Using technology, quantitative research and rules-based processes we seek to provide growth with an emphasis on downside risk management.

We are all human and we all have emotions. However, emotions do not belong in the investment decision making process. So we created rules-based processes to make the buy and sell decisions for investors so they don’t have to. These growth strategies with downside risk management seek to Deliver What Investors Expect®.

Why We are Different


Our portfolio manager has a background in investment advisory, helping clients navigate many market cycles. He manages BCM’s strategies and funds through this lens. 

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Portfolio Fit

Investors can opt for diversified, risk appropriate asset allocation strategies or focused, core growth portfolios.


We are independent and investment provider agnostic. We select investments that we believe to be the best fit for the portfolio, and in the best interest of our investors.

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Our GIPS® verified performance enables investors to make decisions made on real, reliable information.

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