Smart Portfolios for Challenging Times

The strategic allocations (60/40, 70/30) investors have relied upon to provide sufficient returns for the previous decade and are unlikely to provide the same risk-adjusted returns or diversification benefits in the decade ahead. Extended bond and equity bull markets have led investors to become complacent with basic diversification, but the risk/reward trade-off is no longer attractive. BCM’s opportunistic, machine learning-based strategies can provide a tactical edge to a strategic allocation portfolio by helping enhance risk-adjusted returns, manage overall portfolio volatility and smooth the ride for investors.


While risk management is foundational to all BCM strategies, they pursue growth as the primary objective. BCM’s strategies can provide a tactical edge when paired with a strategic portfolio.


BCM’s strategies seek to combine machine learning technology and principles of behavioral finance to capitalize on alpha opportunities and manage risk while removing bias and emotion.

Smoother Ride

BCM’s disciplined systems are designed to provide a smooth ride across diverse market environments while seeking to maximize risk adjusted returns and improve the investment experience.

How can we help you turn your plan into a portfolio?

Unlike most firms, we offer three rules-based systems engineered to provide growth and manage risk. Why? Because one size does not fit all. Some clients want a specific, targeted universe. Some want to capitalize on global opportunities in an unconstrained universe. Some want to take advantage of industry trends such as smart beta or factor investing. But, one thing we have found most investors have in common? They desire consistent risk-adjusted returns and smoother investment experience to help them achieve their investment goals. 

Global, go-anywhere strategies using machine learning to seek opportunistic growth.

Decathlon Strategies

Core, 100% equity sector rotation, or as a portion of diversified portfolios that can provide defense in down markets.

Sector Strategies

Smart Beta Pursuing Alpha® using factor investing and a rules-based system.

Smart Beta

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