Deliver What Investors Expect®

After working with investors for the last 35 years, we have found that the typical investor expects that investment managers, and advisors, will grow their money in up markets AND protect their assets in down markets — they want growth with the ability to get defensive.

BCM’s strategies seek to do just that.

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People invest to improve their futures which requires portfolio growth. All BCM strategies pursue growth as the primary objective.


Our strategies seek to get defensive only when necessary by raising cash, allocating to different asset classes or geographies, and using other defensive mechanisms.


We use disciplined systems that make investment recommendations based on data-driven research, investment rules and market trends – not based on emotion.

How can we help you turn your plan into a portfolio?

Unlike most firms, we offer three rules-based systems engineered to grow, and provide defense only when necessary. Why? Because one size does not fit all. Some clients want a specific, targeted universe. Some want to capitalize on global opportunities in an unconstrained universe. Some want to take advantage of industry trends such as smart beta or factor investing. But, one thing we have found most investors all have in common? They want their money to have some degree of protection in a correction or bear market.

So, all BCM strategies seek to Deliver What Investors Expect®: growth with the ability to get defensive, making both the buy and sell decisions for investors.

Core sector rotation or as a portion of a diversified portfolio.

Sector Strategies

Asset allocation portfolios combing strategic and tactical management.

Target Allocation

Predictive, global, "go anywhere" growth strategies.

Decathlon Strategies

Differentiate Yourself with TDFs* that can grow and preserve.

Target Date Funds

*Only available for qualified retirement plans.

Smart beta, factor investing with risk-weighted allocations.

Paradigm Strategies

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