In investing, like mountaineering, you need skilled, experienced hands to guide you to your goals.

Making Bears More Bearable®

BCM provides growth strategies that are engineered to stay invested in growing or sideways markets, and to get defensive in severe corrections or bear markets. We offer multiple rules-based systems that each manage risk in their own way.

Our national team of regional consultants and internal consultants focus on supporting our clients and helping to educate investors.

We have been investing for private and institutional clients since 1981. We know what clients need and seek to Deliver What Investors Expect® – growth in good times and defense when necessary.

The Investor is Lost in the Active vs. Passive Debate

What investors expect versus what most active managers actually provide are in direct conflict. How?

A Bit of History:

Beaumont’s wealth management practice has been investing for private and institutional clients since 1981. After the 2000-2002 and the 2007-2009 financial crises, our clients were looking for new solutions designed to avoid large market losses like those of the previous 10 years.

In 2009, BCM was created to deliver growth strategies that can also get defensive when necessary. Our investment committee members have more than 300 years of combined industry experience. Our background in wealth management and fundamental investing, coupled with our experience in quantitative investing, gives us clear perspective to effectively execute rules-based strategies. We have the sophistication to analyze the markets clearly—and the client focus to deliver solutions simply.

A Few Things That Make Us Different:

  • We solely invest in long-only ETFs and money market funds, maximizing the transparency of investors’ underlying holdings while working to minimize costs and many tax consequences.
  • Investors can select the degree of quantitative exposure they prefer, from purely quantitative strategies to a combination of quantitative and fundamental approaches.
  • Our GIPS® verified performance enables investors to make decisions made on real, reliable information.

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A further look into our GIPS® verified performance.


  • BCM believes independent verification and transparency are critical aspects to having and providing credible, reliable information.
  • Two independent firms are used in the preparation and verification of our composites.
  • An independent consultant works closely with our compliance team to ensure our GIPS policies, procedures and best practices are consistent with the standards.
  • In addition, a second Boston based firm conducts an annual GIPS verification of the performance for eligible BCM strategies.

Access BCM Strategies:

Our strategies are available on the following Third Party Asset Management Platforms (TAMPs). Through these, we are also accessible to hundreds of broker dealer clients. If you don’t see your TAMP or broker dealer, give us a call! We’ll work hard to add them quickly.

We also have direct custodial relationship with Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab and Morgan Stanley.


Mountain Guide:

A professional mountaineer with the technical training and alpine experience to lead climbers on their route.


Beaumont Capital Management:

An asset manager with roots back to 1981, over 300 years of combined investment experience on its investment committees, and experience in both quantitative and fundamental investing.