Save intelligently.

You have enough on your plate. Handling the complex terrain of the 401(k) industry can distract you from what really matters – servicing your clients. Beaumont Capital Management (BCM) will work with you to build a plan from the ground up to meet virtually any retirement need, starting with the all-important qualified default investment alternative (QDIA).

BCM DynamicBelay® Target Date Funds (TDFs)

Currently, the most common type of QDIA is the target date fund (TDF), but the typical TDF has proven weaknesses. So we engineered the BCM DynamicBelay® TDFs to address these shortcomings. Built upon our investment philosophy of growth with defensive disciplines, these low-cost TDFs use a combination of tactical and strategic allocations to Deliver What Investors Expect™:

  • Low Cost and Transparent Expenses so all-in* costs are less than 45 bps!
  • Real Defense gives participants the confidence to stay invested and keep contributing, even during bear markets.
  • Participants first because a retirement plan should be for participants and their needs first and all other aspects second.
  • Independent and Provider Agnostic, meaning no self-dealing. We are selecting what we believe to be the best underlying investments based on factors like cost, desired exposure, risk attributes, and more.

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Let Us Help You Build a Better 401(k) with BCM’s Independent Archite(k)ture Solutions.

We understand that no individual or business is the same. No retirement solution or plan should be built the same either! We also believe in the power of choice. We can provide fully-, semi-, or un-bundled solutions including taking on the 3(38) fiduciary liabilities.

Services Offered: 

  • 3(38) Services and Investment Lineup and Monitoring
  • BCM DynamicBelay® Target Date Funds (TDFs)
  • Third Party Administrator (TPA), Record Keeper and Platform Selection
  • Plan Investment Policy Statement
  • Custom Plan Design (includes managing defined benefit, profit sharing, cash balance or other)

How can we help? Ask yourself:

  • What role do you want to play in the management of your plans?
  • What aspects can BCM assist with or completely take over? You choose – looking for full support or an a la carte approach?

What makes you different in the eyes of your plan sponsors?

Help your client’s keep calm when markets go through a period of failure with a new kind of TDF.

Dynamic Belay:

A mountaineering technique in which a guide helps to protect a climber from a long fall by adjusting the tension on a safety rope.

BCM QDIA Portfolios:

Portfolios that seek to dynamically adjust allocations to provide participation in healthy markets and to help avoid large market declines.