Global Multi-Asset Growth Strategies Designed to Provide a Smoother Ride

The BCM Decathlon strategies are predictive, global, multi-asset growth portfolios. Selecting from a prudently managed universe of ETFs, Decathlon’s quantitative system seeks to identify desirable patterns using historical price and volatility data of each ETF. 

Holding 10 ETFs at a time, in equal weights, the strategies have the ability to gain exposure to virtually any investible asset class. These “go anywhere” portfolios seek global opportunities within the investment universe, while seeking to avoid any asset class that may be going through a period of failure. Rather than using cash as the defensive element, the strategy looks to stay fully invested by allocating to asset classes that are predicted to provide a more favorable investment opportunity over the next trading period or that are historically less risky.

While the BCM Decathlon Aspect series and the BCM Decathlon Tactics series each have their own unique construct, both series share the same objectives: smoothing out portfolio volatility, limiting drawdown and allowing each investor to choose their target level of risk.

Applying maximum volatility and maximum drawdown targets, these growth strategies can “go anywhere”, seeking global multi-asset opportunities.


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Quantitative Approach to Global Investing: BCM Decathlon Strategies

Analyzing patterns across the majority of asset classes accessible to investors, the system seeks to determine which will offer the best return potential over each ~25 day trading period while employing specific risk criteria, as outlined below, for both maximum volatility and maximum drawdown.

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BCM Decathlon Conservative Aspect*

5.5% target for standard deviation and maximum drawdown

30% maximum equity allocation

BCM Decathlon Conservative Tactics

7% target for standard deviation and maximum drawdown

80% maximum equity allocation

BCM Decathlon Moderate Aspect*

10.5% target for standard deviation and maximum drawdown

70% maximum equity allocation

BCM Decathlon Moderate Tactics

12% target for standard deviation and maximum drawdown

No maximum equity allocation

BCM Decathlon Growth Aspect*

14.5% target for standard deviation and maximum drawdown

No maximum equity allocation

*BCM Decathlon Aspect Strategies are only available on the AssetMark™ platform. Please visit eWealthManager for more information, including performance, on the strategies. 

BCM Decathlon Growth Tactics

16% target for standard deviation and maximum drawdown

No maximum equity allocation

BCM Olympian Dynamic Equity

BCM Olympian Dynamic Equity is an equity only strategy that uses the same system and process as the Decathlon strategies. Instead of ranking and selecting from the entire ETF universe (see more information below on the ETF universe), it selects only from the equity and real estate ETFs. Click here to learn more.

Decathlon Investment Universe

Each Decathlon strategy selects from a defined universe of ETFs. The universe consists of over 110 ETFs and is carefully managed, monitoring specific criteria of each security.

The investment universe consists of ETFs representing varying underlying components of more broad asset classes, including:

U.S. Equity – Broad U.S. equity ETFs, Sector and Industry Specific U.S. Equity ETFs
International Equity – Broad Developed and Emerging Market, International and Global Country and Sector Specific ETFs
Fixed Income – U.S., Developed and Emerging International Bond ETFs across varying Credit Qualities and Maturities
Alternatives – Diverse selection of Currency, Commodity and Real Estate ETFs

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Route finding:

Reading the terrain and mountain conditions to choose the best path.


A suite of strategies that use predictive, probability-based models that determine the most attractive ETFs to own within the investment universe, within each investor’s chosen risk level, over the next 25 trading days.