January 28, 2016 – Beaumont Capital Management (BCM), an industry leader in quantitative, ETF-based investment strategies, announced it has launched new retirement-planning financial products for 2016 with the introduction of risk-managed target date Collective Investment Funds (CIFs). The BCM retirement products address the need for a more versatile investment solution that seeks to benefit in growing markets and can react appropriately and decisively in periods of market volatility. In addition, the products are designed to address the current Department of Labor and industry concerns with other target date funds.

The risk-managed target date CIFs offered are the BCM DynamicBelay 2060 QDIA through the year 2020, in 10-year intervals. These age-based portfolios are designed to meet the varied needs across a workforce from aging Baby Boomers on the verge of retirement to Millennials just starting their first job. The portfolios mirror the design of a target-date fund, but the overall strategic allocations are adjusted over longer periods the way most investment advisors would manage a portfolio, rather than small annual adjustments. Additionally, BCM launched their U.S. Sector Rotation and Decathlon Growth Tactics strategies as collective investment funds, which can easily be included and accessed in virtually any retirement plan.

“The premise of our new retirement products is to offer portfolios that are low cost, have active management, are defensively oriented and meet the needs of investors regardless of where they are in their life stage,” said Dave Haviland, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager of Beaumont Capital Management. “In 2008, we saw many target date funds did not adequately decrease portfolio risk for investors approaching retirement age and they endured significant losses when they could least afford to play catch up. The lesson we took was to build portfolios that follow the philosophy we’ve been applying to our existing portfolios for years that both adjust to changing market cycles and also decrease equity risk over time.”

The new BCM products are aligned with the firm’s ongoing philosophy of delivering asset-transparent, defensively oriented and market-responsive investment products with a straightforward and low, all-in cost structure.

“With the majority of employees selecting, or being placed into default options in their employer’s 401(K) programs, plan sponsors and financial advisors need better options in their portfolios for not only reasonable long-term growth, but also a defensive orientation as markets begin to turn into negative territory,” said Bob Peatman, Director of National Sales. “Given the current financial picture, a change in the market is not a question of if but when. Having dynamic, ETF-based QDIA options in a company’s retirement portfolio can provide peace of mind for plan sponsors knowing their employees are being given proper investment options as they prepare for their retirement.”

To learn more, contact Bob Peatman at bpeatman@investbcm.com.


About Beaumont Capital Management

Beaumont Capital Management (BCM), an asset manager best known for its ETF strategies, offers investors the ability to participate in bull markets, while seeking to minimize large market losses. BCM provides objective, rules-based investment strategies in a clear, straightforward manner to advisors, institutional investors, and retirement plan providers. Clients can select diversified, packaged solutions or core, focused portfolios to build their own allocation. BCM strategies range from purely quantitative strategies to portfolios that combine quantitative and fundamental approaches. BCM is a separate division of Beaumont Financial Partners, LLC, which traces its history to 1981. Beaumont as a firm has ~$4.2 billion in assets under management and administration as of 12/31/15. For more information, visit www.investbcm.com.



The BCM DynamicBelay Funds are collective investment funds (CIFs) created by the Hand Composite Employee Benefit Trust and sponsored by Hand Benefits & Trust Company, a BPAS company, that invest in the strategies of Beaumont Capital Management which serves as the sub‐advisor to the CIFs.

These collective investment funds are available for investment by eligible qualified retirement plan trusts only and have been created specifically for 401(k) and other employer-sponsored retirement plan investors. Plan sponsors and participants should consider the Funds’ investment objectives, risks, time horizons, charges and expenses carefully before investing. The participants risk tolerance and financial circumstances should also be considered.

The CIF is not a mutual fund. Its shares are not deposits of Hand Benefits & Trust Company, a BPAS company, or Beaumont Capital Management (BCM), and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other agency. The CIF is a security which has not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933 and is exempt from investment company registration under the Investment Act of 1940.

Before investing in any investment portfolio, the client and the financial professional should carefully consider client investment objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and fees. Participants and beneficiaries on whose behalf assets are invested in a QDIA have the right to direct the investment to any other investment alternative under the plan, subject to any fees or limitation that may apply to such transfer under the plan.

As with all investments, there are associated inherent risks. Stock markets, especially foreign markets, are volatile and can decline significantly in response to adverse issuer, political, regulatory, market, or economic developments. Sector investments concentrate in a particular industry and the investments’ performance could depend heavily on the performance of that industry and be more volatile than the performance of less concentrated investment options and the market as a whole. Securities of companies with smaller market capitalizations tend to be more volatile and less liquid than larger company stocks. Smaller companies may have no or relatively short operating histories or be newly public companies. Some of these companies have aggressive capital structures, including high debt levels, or are involved in rapidly growing or changing industries and/or new technologies, which pose additional risks. Investing a substantial portion of a Fund’s assets in related industries or sectors may have greater risks because companies in these sectors may share common characteristics and may react similarly to market developments. Fixed Income investments are subject to both inflation and interest rate risk.

For investment professional use only. The press release was written by an independent third party and is being redistributed, in its entirely, by BCM.

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