August 13, 2014 – Beaumont Capital Management (BCM), provider of quantitative, ETF-based investment portfolios, has launched nine new strategies on the Envestnet platform. They represent two new series of sector rotation strategies, BCM Advantage series and Relative Strength series, as well as the new BCM Small Cap Sector Rotation strategy. These strategies offer advisors alternative approaches for utilizing BCM’s defensively-oriented sector rotation strategies that are designed to participate in market upside while avoiding the largest losses of bear markets.

The new BCM Small Cap Sector Rotation and the existing BCM Global Sector Rotation strategies are amongst the first of their kind in offering investors the ability to apply a sector rotation approach to Small Cap and Global investing. Combining these new strategies with their existing Large Cap and International sector rotation strategies, BCM now provides a robust selection of sector rotation portfolios.

Aaron Bauer, Managing Director of Strategic Partners at Envestnet, commented, “We are excited to provide a forum where advisors and their clients can access the latest innovations in ETF strategies. In particular, offering Small Cap and Global sector rotation are two great examples of this. We are pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with Beaumont Capital Management.”

The new strategies follow an established quantitative methodology developed and refined by BCM’s investment team, led by Portfolio Manager and Managing Partner David Haviland.

Each of the two new sector rotation series offers advisors access to BCM’s sector rotation through diversified portfolio strategies, including U.S. Sector Rotation, Diversified Equity, Growth, and Moderate Growth portfolios. All strategies provide exposure to U.S. Large Cap Equity, with some having the ability to add Global Macro and International Equities, as well as High Quality Fixed Income, according to the client’s desired risk profile.

The BCM Advantage series offers advisors with cost-sensitive clients the lowest transaction costs1  and expense ratios by investing in Fidelity® sector ETFs. For advisors with clients seeking more aggressive risk/reward outcomes, the BCM Relative Strength series utilizes Powershares®

Dorsey Wright sector ETFs designed to add alpha through their proprietary “momentum on momentum” process.

“We are pleased to further deepen our relationship with Envestnet by offering advisors new tools to manage their portfolios’ sector and market exposure,” said Mr. Haviland. “The new strategies offer advisors more portfolio flexibility by providing a vast selection of sector rotation strategies. They are designed with the same proven, quantitative, risk-mitigating approach that we have been using with our flagship series of portfolios. We believe it provides investors a compelling way to participate in market climbs, while seeking to reduce the risk of large losses,” he explained.

All BCM sector rotation portfolios are designed to participate in sectors with positive momentum, while rotating out of sectors with sustained negative momentum. The portfolios can rebalance as frequently as weekly via BCM’s proprietary quantitative process. The strategies may range from fully invested to 100% cash as market conditions warrant.

Several of BCM’s sector rotation strategies available on Envestnet will be reaching performance record milestones over the coming months. By October 31st, three of the strategies in the flagship BCM Sector Rotation series will have reached a five-year performance track record. By November 30th, three of the strategies in the BCM AlphaDEX® Sector Rotation series will have reached a three-year performance track record.

In addition to Envestnet, many of Beaumont Capital Management’s sector rotation strategies are available through a number of investment platforms, including: Argentus, Mid-Atlantic Trust Company and others, as well as through many broker-dealers.

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1 The Fidelity Sector ETFs and certain complementary iShares ETFs will trade commission-waived at Fidelity and National Financial Services (NFS) only. This does not apply to Asset Based Pricing programs; not all Broker Dealers will participate. Fidelity and iShares may change their commission-waived policies at any time.

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The Beaumont Capital Management investment strategies are not appropriate for everyone. Due to the periodic rebalancing nature of our strategies, they are not appropriate for those investors who need or desire monthly or quarterly withdrawals or who wish to make periodic deposits.

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