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BCM Strategy Materials

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Watch our 1Q24 Quarterly Q&A with the Portfolio Managers:


Read our 1Q24 written quarterly commentary:

BCM Decathlon Tactics Strategies

The Decathlon Tactics strategies are global, go-anywhere products that use a quantitative, machine learning-based approach to seek growth opportunities wherever they may be and help preserve capital by managing volatility and timely equity exposure.

BCM Sector Rotation Strategies

BCM’s Sector Rotation based growth portfolios are built using a quantitatively researched approach and investment rules, and have the ability to get defensive by raising partial or 100% cash equivalents during longer and/or larger market drawdowns.

Offering a pure U.S. sector rotation strategy and sector rotation as part of three diversified portfolios for standalone or smaller account solutions.

The BCM Sector Rotation Flagship Series typically rebalance on a weekly basis and primarily feature the SSgA SPDR® Sector ETFs. Fact sheets are listed below. Fact sheets are listed below. Fact sheets are listed below. Fact sheets are listed

BCM U.S. Sector Rotation  |  BCM Diversified Equity  |  BCM Growth  |  BCM Moderate Growth

The BCM Sector Rotation Monthly Series typically rebalance on a monthly basis and invest primarily in the Fidelity® sector ETFs.

BCM U.S. Sector Rotation (Monthly) Fact Sheet  |  BCM Diversified Equity (Monthly) Fact Sheet  |  BCM Growth (Monthly) Fact Sheet  |

BCM Moderate Growth (Monthly) Fact Sheet