NEEDHAM, Mass. – August 7, 2019Beaumont Capital Management (BCM), an industry leader in ETF-based growth strategies, is this summer marking its 10-year anniversary, effective August 1, 2019.

In the summer of 2009, following the second worst decade in history in terms of annualized returns, which also included two of the most severe bear markets on record, BCM was launched with a mission to deliver tactical, rules-based growth strategies to financial professionals, institutions and retirement plans. The solutions the firm created were designed to pursue growth while seeking to avoid large market losses during economic downturns.

“First and foremost, we want to thank our clients and partners for making this milestone possible,” said Dave Haviland, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager of BCM. “We started BCM due to client and advisor demand for strategies that work the way people want—growth strategies that are engineered to avoid large losses. After helping our clients traverse the last two financial crises, we saw a clear need to institutionalize the concept of inherent defensive capabilities while still focusing on growth and participation during periods of market strength. In our experience, this is what the average investor expects from their investment manager.”

The first product BCM introduced was their flagship Sector Rotation model portfolios which lock in a 10-year track record as of August 1st, 2019. This suite of strategies offers both 100% equity portfolios as well as fully diversified models that can be a standalone solution. They seek to provide growth but can raise cash during bear markets to help preserve client capital.

In 2012, BCM launched their Decathlon portfolios, an array of rules-based, global growth strategies utilizing pattern recognition technology (PRT) and machine learning with varying risk targets. With over a seven-year track record, Decathlon’s patented PRT is designed to select ETFs from its globally diversified, multi-asset investment universe that the system believes offer the best predicted risk/reward profile over the next 25 trading days. The Decathlon suite of strategies has garnered nearly $2 billion in AUM and AUA and is also offered as an all-equity version, Olympian, for those looking to incorporate core equity into a strategic allocation.

“The success of our entire suite of strategies, most notably Decathlon, is reflective of our rigorous investment process and our ability to leverage cutting-edge technology in a sensible way,” said Brendan Ryan, Assistant Portfolio Manager of BCM strategies. “Machine learning is not as easily applied to investing as it is to other functions, such as facial recognition, where there is a discrete ‘answer’. So we need to be vigilant when thinking about the fundamental implications of the quantitative models we create so that they match our philosophy of how markets and market participants behave. We believe this is still a relatively untapped area, and we look forward to further advancing our capabilities to continue to provide solutions that align with investors’ desired outcomes and experiences.”

Recent market ebbs and flows underscore the importance of methodical investment selection to maximize growth while mitigating risk. BCM’s unique approach doesn’t force investors to sacrifice their desire to invest responsibly in the pursuit of long-term gains.

In addition to Sector Rotation and Decathlon, BCM’s product suite includes Smart Beta (factor based) strategies, Target Allocation models, and Collective Investment Funds for qualified plans. Each strategy aligns with the firm’s philosophy of delivering transparent, defensively oriented, market-responsive investment solutions with a simple, low-cost structure.

BCM’s rules-based systems are constructed to remove emotion from the decision-making process and Deliver What Investors Expect®: Growth strategies that have defensive capabilities built into their fabric.

To learn more about BCM and its suite of strategies, contact the BCM team.


About Beaumont Capital Management
Beaumont Capital Management (BCM) is an asset management firm that provides solutions to investment professionals, institutions, consultants and retirement plans that focus on improving investors’ experiences and outcomes. Our predominantly quantitative strategies utilize proprietary technology, machine learning and rules-based processes to seek growth but also have inherent defensive capabilities designed to smooth the ride for investors. Our solutions are offered in various vehicle types and include core, constrained strategies; multi-asset, unconstrained portfolios; all-in-one, asset allocation models; and retirement solutions including target date funds (TDFs) and standalone collective investment funds. Founded in 2009, BCM has built a tradition of providing sustainable solutions that allow its clients to invest responsibly and confidently through any market environment.


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