Making Bears More Bearable®

BCM offers a variety of strategies across multiple geographies and asset classes. No matter what your client’s goals are, we have something to help virtually any type of investor.


All BCM Strategies have a few things in common:

  • Designed to provide growth in most market conditions, and seek to get defensive during market corrections and bear markets.
  • Built on the key principles that emotion causes investors to do the worst thing at the worst time, and that the largest risk in the eyes of the investor is losing a lot of money.
  • Use rules-based, repeatable processes to remove emotion from the investment decisions.
  • Use long-only ETFs – no margin, no leverage, nothing complicated.
  • All eligible strategies are GIPS® verified annually by an independent third party.

Not sure how to incorporate tactical?

Don’t worry, we get that question a lot. Take a look at this piece that talks about building a custom UMA for your clients that includes both strategic and tactical allocations.

Want more educational content?

Our blog covers many topics that you may find useful including Fireside Charts—at least twice a week we give market highlights all in charts to provoke though and provide tidbits of information you can use in conversations with your clients.

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