“You must love what you do, whom you
do it with and whom you do it for.” 

– David Haviland, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager 

Our mission statement:

To Deliver What Investors Expect® through rules-based growth strategies that have the ability to protect against large market losses. Building on the cornerstones of trust, passion, research and education, we focus our business activities and the execution of our strategies on providing financial and emotional sustainability for our clients. We are devoted to maintaining and growing our customers’, employees’ and partners’ quality of life and empower all of our employees to carry out our mission.

Our Core Values


1. Clients always come first.

People work hard to accumulate wealth so they can buy a home, afford to educate a child or comfortably retire. Embracing the importance of these life-changing events must be at the forefront of every decision we make as an asset manager.



2. Act with integrity.

Establishing a client’s trust can be more valuable than outperforming your benchmark. Trust is the foundation of all our relationships. We operate in the best interest of our clients in all that we do, even when no one is watching. 



3. Inspire diverse perspectives. 

The BCM team embodies varying strengths, diverse experiences and different ways of thinking. We believe empowering each team member and collaborating provides the best outcomes. 



4. Innovate with a purpose.

We focus on creating and managing portfolios that specifically address pain points our clients experience using other types of investments. Addressing clients’ investment challenges was the genesis of BCM. 



5. Passion is power.

BCM’s mantra is that you must love what you do, who you do it with and who you do it for. Passion is the foundation on which BCM was built. 


One size does not fit all.

We offer a range of strategies across asset classes and geographies both as core and complementary for all account types including retirement.

How can we help?

Our regional consultants are standing by to help with whatever you may need. Don’t hesitate, we would love to hear from you!