Sept. 2, 2015 – Beaumont Capital Management (BCM), a leading quantitative, ETF-based investment manager, today was listed as the 7th largest firm in Morningstar’s latest quarterly rankings of ETF-managed portfolios. During the past 12 months, BCM added $1.77 billion in assets, a 164% increase, and the largest gain in assets among the 25 firms listed by Morningstar. According to Morningstar’s report, BCM manages $2.85 billion across its 31 ETF-based investment products; the rankings reflect assets under administration as of June 30, 2015.


“Our growth is validation that investors appreciate our strategic investment processes and quantitative approaches,” said Dave Haviland, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, Beaumont Capital Management. “ETFs offer distinct advantages compared to other investment vehicles because of their daily liquidity and give us the ability to be fully active in the markets or sit on the sidelines as needed. Our firm’s defensive-oriented approach is particularly appealing to investors as they recognize the current bull market cannot run indefinitely.”


BCM’s ETF portfolios are designed to provide participation in strong markets and seek asset protection during market downturns. The growing popularity of the firm’s ETF portfolios is due to the long run of the existing bull market and the fear of increasing market volatility. BCM’s investment products are available through several of the industry’s leading TAMP platform and broker-dealers.


 About Beaumont Capital Management

Beaumont Capital Management (BCM), a leading asset manager best known for its ETF strategies, offers investors the ability to participate in bull markets, while seeking to minimize large market losses. BCM provides objective, rules-based investment strategies in a clear, straightforward manner to advisors, institutional investors, and retirement plan providers. Clients can select diversified, packaged solutions or core, focused portfolios to build their own allocation. BCM strategies range from purely quantitative strategies to portfolios that combine quantitative and fundamental approaches. BCM is a separate division of Beaumont Financial Partners, LLC, which traces its history to 1981. BCM has $2.85 billion in assets under administration as of 6/30/15. For more information, visit