September 12, 2014 – Beaumont Capital Management (BCM), provider of quantitative, ETF-based investment portfolios, recently launched a pair of new strategies on the AssetMark platform. Since launching in May, the BCM Decathlon Aspect series has attracted substantial interest from financial advisors, making BCM among the fastest growing managers on the platform. The popularity of the strategies on the platform reflects increasing advisor demand for BCM’s defensive-oriented strategies amid an aging bull market.

The two new strategies were created exclusively for the AssetMark platform and are imbued with BCM’s signature risk-conscious approach. Through long-only, ETF-built portfolios the strategies are managed with specific maximum volatility and drawdown targets designed for specific investor risk profiles. BCM Decathlon Moderate Aspect limits total equity exposure to 70% of the portfolio while also targeting less total volatility and drawdown than the BCM Decathlon Growth Aspect, which is slightly more aggressive.

The BCM Decathlon Aspect series offers diversity and innovation to advisors seeking tactical global market exposure. BCM’s quantitative process employs pattern recognition technology, constructed using more than 15 years of return and volatility data, designed to predict the ETFs that will provide maximum returns over each trading cycle within specific risk targets. The strategies have a universe of over 100 distinct ETFs that are ranked by proprietary algorithms for return potential and risk objectives. The top ten ranked ETFs, within the specified risk parameters, are selected for the portfolio in equal weights typically every 25 trading days. The objective is to participate in market climbs, while avoiding large losses in times of market failure.

David Haviland, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager at Beaumont Capital Management said, “It’s a privilege to have launched these new strategies for AssetMark, a platform known for its rigorous selection and due diligence processes. It’s encouraging for us that these strategies are resonating with the advisors using the platform and we plan to deepen this relationship over time.”

The new strategies were designed to provide advisors with maximum flexibility in how they are deployed in client portfolios. BCM Decathlon Aspect can be used as a defensive-oriented global allocation, used in conjunction with strategic allocations to U.S. and international equities or fixed income. It can also help to balance a U.S.-heavy growth portfolio, or serve as a tactical option for standalone accounts.

In addition to the Decathlon Aspect series, BCM’s full suite of investment strategies include sector rotation strategies customized for specific asset classes and as part of diversified portfolios. Beaumont’s wealth management practice has been serving private and institutional clients since 1981, with a total AUM of $2.17 billion.

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Marketing Manager, Beaumont Capital Management
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About Beaumont Capital Management

Beaumont Capital Management (BCM) helps investors participate in bull markets while minimizing large bear market losses. BCM is committed to providing objective, rules-based investment strategies in a clear, straightforward manner. Offering a wide range of investment solutions to advisors, institutional investors and retirement plan providers, clients can opt for diversified, packaged solutions or discrete tools to complement core holdings; and can select the degree of quantitative exposure they prefer, from purely quantitative strategies to portfolios that combine quantitative and fundamental approaches. BCM’s Sector and Decathlon strategies invest solely through long-only ETFs to provide greater transparency of investors’ underlying holdings while minimizing costs. Whichever solution investors choose, BCM can help them take advantage of the market’s potential for compound growth. BCM is a separate division of Beaumont Financial Partners, which traces its history to 1981. Beaumont as a firm has $2.17 billion in assets under management as of 6/30/14.


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The maximum volatility and drawdown targets shown are targets only and are not guaranteed. Position weighting may grow larger or smaller due to market fluctuations. BCM maintains full discretion over all strategies. Money market levels are estimated to be, at a minimum, 2% even when model is “fully” invested.

The Beaumont Capital Management investment strategies are not appropriate for everyone. Due to the periodic rebalancing nature of our strategies, they are not appropriate for those investors who need or desire monthly or quarterly withdrawals or who wish to make periodic deposits.

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